planeATA provides a comprehensive set of analysis and test services to the aircraft industry. We support the development of military fighter jets, commercial and regional aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and next generation hypersonic vehicles. Our analysis engineers are experienced in loads development, cabin and external acoustics, CFD, aeroelastic stability prediction, and detailed stress analysis. We are the leading independent company for the performance of ground vibration tests and test as many as a dozen different aircraft in any given year.

Our test-analysis correlation services and custom automated correlation software tools allow us to closely match modal test data with analytical predictions. This allows us to confidently predict the flutter stability of the aircraft using analysis prior to flight testing, significantly reducing risk to the pilot. We also provide flight testing services to support aircraft certification and acoustic testing to determine interior cabin sound pressure during flight.

Specific services that ATA provides to this industry include:

Case Studies

Some specific case studies related to the aircraft industry include: