electronicsATA Engineering has supported the electronics industry for more than 20 years with efficient, affordable engineering services. Our experience includes working with consumer products, telecommunications equipment, computers and peripherals, military avionics, and more.ATA has the tools and expertise to support the most challenging analysis and test problems within the electronics industry.

Many of today’s electronics systems requirements are heavily driven by their ability to survive extreme dynamic and thermal environments. Products ranging from cell phones to military electronics must be able to withstand high vibration and shock loads that occur during transportation and operation. Miniaturization of electronics systems coupled with requirements for continually increased power results in systems that produce higher heat in smaller packages than ever before. Increased precision requirements for optics systems require tighter and tighter control of their thermal environment to avoid thermally induced distortion. The above are some examples of demanding design and analysis needs that ATA has experience in supporting.

electronics2ATA supports our electronics customers in the definition of loads and environments, prediction of dynamic response, optimization of shock isolation systems, design for durability, acoustic analysis and design for quiet operation, and design and analysis of thermal management systems. We support all levels of detail from system level to board level (wire traces and solder joints). We are experienced in the qualification of electronics products to meet the requirements of industrial (ASTM, ISO), military (MIL-STD), and NASA (NASA-HDBK) standards.

Electronic products we have supported the design of include lithium-ion batteries, disk drives, printers, photolithography laser systems, medical instruments, military electronics and sensors, circuit boards for launch vehicles and spacecraft, enclosed lighting fixtures, and avionics hardware.

Specific services that ATA provides to this industry include:

Case Studies

Some specific case studies related to the electronics industry include: